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Heavy Duty 14” High King Size Platform Bedframe

Heavy Duty 14” High King Size Platform Bedframe

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*This item is available to Las Vegas locals only.

Need a simple but quality king size platform Bedframe?This black 14 inch Heavy Duty steel slat bed frame offers a simple but luxurious design which is also compatible for headboards. The anti-slip feature ensures a secure and stable connection between the bed frame and your mattress, eliminating slipping or wobbling. Created with heavy-duty steel and innovative design, the frame guarantees a quiet sleep experience while providing strong support and seamless assembly. Versatile in design, this bed frame is compatible with all mattress types, with or without a box spring.

Watkins Unlimited vision is to elevate sleep experience to new heights by incorporating proprietary technologies and innovative solutions that not only boast exceptional quality but also offer unique features.

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