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Silicone Pet Rain Boots( Size Medium)

Silicone Pet Rain Boots( Size Medium)

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Comes with 2 sets

These boots are one piece of molded silicone, the only way for a boot to be truly waterproof. They're extremely flexible, so most dogs adjust easily to walking in them. The best feature of these boots is how the top opens up like a funnel, with no need for you to hold it open! These boots are often recommended for owners with no experience putting on boots, because usually another hand is needed to hold the top of a boot open. 

 Size Sole Width Sole Length Mouth Width
S 3cm 4cm 12cm
M 4cm 5cm 16cm
L 4.5cm 6cm 18cm

Boots are measured to the nearest millimetre for greatest possible accuracy. Small variance in measurements are always possible.

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