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Disposable Emergency Urine Bags 700ml Portable Pee Bags for Travel & Camping (Pack of 6)

Disposable Emergency Urine Bags 700ml Portable Pee Bags for Travel & Camping (Pack of 6)

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🌷<B>700ML for Unisex Use, 60S Instant Absorption</B>:🌷 The disposable urine bag has a large capacity of 700 ml, which is not only suitable for kids and female, but also male. Equipped with SAP water-absorbing polymer substance, the portable emergency urinal bags can absorb urine, vomit, or other liquid waste and convert it into gel within 60 seconds.
🌷<b>Leak-proof Design, No Embarrassment Any More</b>:🌷 This portable camping pee bag is made of impermeable PE material and each bag has a sealing strip which can lock the gel completely, prevent liquid and odor leaking.
🌷<b>Portable & Easy to Use</b>:🌷 When you need to use this portable toilet in an emergency, just open it and use it. The arc design on both sides allows you to operate with one hand. This bag can be folded into a small piece for quick access to your pocket, bag, backpack, briefcase, purse, handbag or vehicle glove box. You can take it with you - as a year-round emergency solution for traffic Jams, camping, hiking.
🌷<b>Perfect for Multiple Occasions</b>:🌷 These bags serve as disposal pee bags or vomit bags when you are camping, hiking or suffering traffic jams, seasickness, motion sickness and airsickness. Great for babies, pregnant women or patients who need it.
🌷❀<B>Be Caring to Your Family</b>:❀🌷 Prepare some emergency bags for your family if you are planning for a travel, camping, or hiking. No more embarrassment will happen happen again if suffering a traffic jam.

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